Chess Set with Miniature Plant Containers for Pieces Doubles as Refreshing Decoration

Being one of the oldest strategy games has never prevented Chess from being a favored subject of design renovations. Even world-famous architects have made contributions to the modernizing of the 2-player board game whose origins date back to the 6th century. The “Field of Towers” chess set designed by Zaha Hadid is one expressive example.

Image via Living Chess

Now, we have another innovation, presented by “Living Chess”, which turns the chess pieces from mere game pieces into refreshing decoration elements. The 3D-printed pieces of the new set are designed distinctively to perform their roles in the game as queen, king, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns while acting as stylish micro-containers for air plants. That way the set, which comes with a glass or bamboo chess board, doubles as a fun game platform and an elegant decoration piece.

Image via Living Chess

The container-chess pieces are not only eye-pleasing but also sustainable. Their 3D-printed form is manufactured from corn-based bioplastic, and all the 32 pieces come with their own plants. These plants are kept alive by soaking and drying them in their containers every week or 10 days.

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