We don’t know if this masterpiece should be classified into Art section or design ! Mathias Bengtsson‘s Slice chair combines organic shapes with cutting-edge technology. Slice is constructed as an assemblage of horizontal cross-sections that stack together into a uniquely lateral profile. First it was drawn by hand and later modeled in clay, Laser-cut to a thickness of only 3mm, each individual layer resembles a two-dimensional abstraction more than it does a hi-tech component.

Slice Ply Chair, 1999 Courtesy of Mathias Bengtsson

Bengtsson is well known for his cutting-edge designs made of industrial and high-tech materials. His work began gaining acclaim internationally in 1998, when his Slice and Homage to Panton chairs were exhibited at Galleria Post Design in Milan. In 2002, his work was shown in the ‘Design by Aluminium’ exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Sotheby’s Contemporary Art department presented Bengtsson’s work in 2003 and 2004, and also in 2003 the British Council featured Bengtsson’s furniture in the ‘Great Brits’ exhibition held in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, which later travelled to Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

Slice Aluminum Chair, 2000 Courtesy of Mathias Bengtsson

Mathias Bengtsson is a danish furniture designer that has practicing since the 1990’s. His individual career is traced in this exhibition focusing on architectural proposals, jewellery collections and many examples of his furniture. His well-known ‘slices’ chairs will be on show. The series of chairs feature stacked layers of material which pile up to create forms reminiscent of topological maps. the chair is included in many permanent collections including the MoMA. his ‘spun chair’ weighing only 800 g and made from carbon fiber will also be included. The show’s center piece is a 36m bench made of modular components, which will be hung from the ceiling of the gallery.

Courtesy of Mathias Bengtsson

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