CHAIRity Rafael Morgan

This chair designed by Rafael Morgan says something very interesting about how we give charitably and how we view charity itself. The designer states ‘Some people are too avid about making money, but too lazy when it comes to help others, so, with this chair, they won´t even need stand up to do their good deed of the day.’ 

Courtesy of Rafael Morgan

An iconic chair-form with clean lines creates below its seat a transparent plexiglass donation box into which money can be deposited through a slot in the seat. The seat is pulled slightly off the structure of the chair, drawing attention to its duality of purpose. I think that these chairs might be a wonderful consideration for purchase by any architecture/ design school. During crits students can sit and perhaps deposit their spare change/ loose bills. These funds would then be collected and split as a student stipend! Okay, maybe this is not exactly what the designer had in mind but I think it is certainly something my alma mater, Virginia Tech should look at.

Courtesy of Rafael Morgan

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