Paper is a material! It’s not just that thing which we write letters on. Nor is it only the stuff that’s spit out of a printer, lending us hours of enjoyment tearing off the tabs. It’s easy to forget that paper is actually something to be considered when making something. Paper can be really versatile and if one makes it for themselves, it can have just as much variation as say different clothes, or species of wood. The downside is, of course its fragility and that damning tendency to tear.

 The Italian artist Daniele Papuli creates wondrous and multidimensional (dimensions of thought, not space- although they do exist in 4 dimensional space so… spatially as well) works of art constructed of multitudes of paper. His work seems to concentrate on the act of reinterpretation, striving to show something conceived of as commonplace in a way that is ‘de-identified’.


This work, ‘Cartoframma’ is composed of over 10,000 strips of paper which are fitted together to form sways and spirals which fan to create a complex rippling. And this rippling is not just a one-and-done. There are dark lines which defy easy identification. Are they made from the shadows- do they shift when one moves around the work? Or are they produced by a subtle paint between the strips?

I said 4 dimensions above and I meant it. The spatial instillation becomes temporal with the introduction of dancers. Dancers and paper form the exhibit known as Frame Cartoframma.

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