We are a little hung up on our materials aren’t we? I mean, we know that architecture is made from brick and wood and concrete and steel and glass and… Is that it?* Yeah right. That can’t possibly be it. I mean we’re modern humans, we have HUGE brains compared to our body mass. Surely we can think of more than a handful of things to make our buildings out of? This project by PinkCloud is a refreshing bit of imagination combined with the courage to speak up and deny that we are forced to make buildings only out of what other people have invented for us.


And of all the materials in the world, I think bubble wrap most likely comes in pretty close to the bottom of the list of probable building materials. But they’re convincing. A dual-purpose modular structure is created by first rotating and then stacking a quantity ‘lidless boxes’. These boxes have clear bottoms made form Lexan, a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic, which upon rotation form windows that are tough, light-weight, as well as theft-resistant. After the structure/shelving is formed, three layers of bubble wrap encase the shop, creating a waterproof skin, providing insulation, interestingly distorted transparency and a texture that encourages interaction and interest.

While this idea is ‘out there’, it brings something to the table of temporary/ low start-up design. It is the beginning of a ‘public architecture’ in the sense that no cranes are required, welders need not be present. This shop could be assembled on-site with only 2-3 people and a few lowtech tools. And i’m sure I’m not alone in being someone who’s always wanted to just go build something. Forget all the hassle, do it yourself.

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