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Bright & Bay Food

The project is a supporting property of Beidaihe SEATOPIA Coastal Holiday Complex. It accommodates an owner’s canteen, two characteristic restaurants and an interesting roof platform in about 2000 square meters. The project extracts the unique geometric shape of starfish,and take “the Ocean Star” as the design concept, which allows the building to grow naturally on the seaside, helps the building integrate into the environment of SEATOPIA as well. The “starfish” structure can not only give consideration to the relationship between structure and aesthetics, but also have the unique texture of gravel which set the scenes of vacation life in detail. The facade of the building is in Modern Style. The white building “body “reaches a tacit agreement with seabirds and waves, and the pink “waistline” separates the interior and exterior space with extra-clear glass. There are no more extra lines for decoration, which gives a sense of friendship and peaceful. As the core outdoor space, the roof terrace is not only the best view point to see migratory birds, but also the harbor to listen to the wind and watch the ocean. At the same time, it is also a stage for outdoor exhibitions and activities. The extended ramps and the open landscape guide the public into the building directly. Furthermore, the curved lines, pure color and gentle light make the building as a unique visual focus of the street corner.

photography by © zoomarch

Project Info:
Architects: BENJAI Architectural Design
Location: Qinhuangdao, China
Area: 2601 m²
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: zoomarch
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