Bourrasque light installation | Paul Cocksedge Studio

Bourrasque light installation by Paul Cocksedge Studio

Flying & Glowing pieces of paper forms the ‘Bourrasque’ light installation. The installation has been created by London designer, Paul Cocksedge at the grand courtyard of Hotel de Ville, at the occasion of the Fete Des Lumieres, the annual festival of Lyon. The installation that is resembling pieces of paper caught in the breeze consists of 200 A3 illuminated sheet randomly hovering over the courtyard.

‘A ream of paper scatters in a gust of wind, soaring high into the black winter night, every sheet glowing bright, against a backdrop of the most exquisite 17th century architecture…’ (Paul Cocksedge Studio).

The key feature of the Studio’s work, in everything from product design to architectural projects, is a focus on simplicity and imagination in order to create unique people-centred designs. At the core of this focus lies an unrelenting attention to detail, a willingness to question previous assumptions about design, and an eagerness to take on a wide-ranging array of projects.
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