Biomorphic Object  Mary Burton Durell

Hmmm, how does one play hide-and-seek with a mountain? Actually, rather easily. Because it’s not going anywhere and if it is, you’re gonna be worrying about a whole lot else other than the game. This Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design Proposal, winning Honourable Mention, by Maxthreads Design and Visuals is titled Infiltrated Cultural and Ecological Urbanism and plans to ‘infiltrate and to re-conceal community and bio-diversity from its historical pattern.’ The city of Kaohsiung is situated in Taiwan, near the base of Wan Shu Mountain, and has strong historical ties to industrialization and the railway. Both of these, especially the railway (in the project’s linearity), can be seen as inspiration for the project.

Courtesy of Mary Burton Durell

The objective was to ‘inspire a meaningful sense of community and a shared commitment for social and environmental responsibility’, by way of an increase in density and in ‘in-filling’. Yes, yes, density seems to imply in-filling, but in architecture there can certainly be ‘density’ that still has many empty lots. This project seeks to do away with those empty space, replacing them with urban agriculture and historically integrated parks.

Courtesy of Mary Burton Durell

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