Bentley ‘ Tailor Made ‘ by Kyungeun Ko

The designer Kyungeun Ko has designed an exclusive wonder. Oh god, if cars looked like this… Why do cars all kinda look the same? What?! Blasphemy! No it’s not. They really all do look similar, just different lines. Now this guy, this is unique.

© Kyungeun Ko

Titled the Bentley ‘Tailor Made’, it is gorgeous. Designed to be created using’Robofold’ technology- where robots are tasked with bending sheets of aluminum cut from patterns. This process affords extreme customizability while also being cost effective and energy conservatory.

“The challenge that I wanted to solve in this project was designing bespoke luxury cars in sustainable way.
This project uses a technology called ‘Robofold’, which is building car body panels by folding sheets of Aluminum with Robots.It provides energy saving, simple and low cost manufacturing system to small batch production.Also, designing by paper forming allows sculptural and natural new design language in form.” by Kyungeun Ko



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