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Behance Installation SOFTlab

SOFTlab’s newly received commission to decorate Behance’s new office in New York has resulted in a vivid installation, which impresses with its fluidity and vigorous color.Illuminated from above by a luminescent structure and radiating atmospheric light, the immersive piece drops down from the ceiling and connects the two floors of the office’s main staircase forming a cascade of motley facets that completely redefine the office environment in distinct contrast with the neutrally white interior. The installation consists of ingeniously arranged translucent plastic patterns absorbing the incoming light in a stained glass manner and forming fascinating kaleidoscopic effects. The colors are carefully selected to represent both Behance and parent company Adobe’s brands in a smooth transition from blue to red dominated areas. Installation’s almost liquid articulation in space entirely alters the perception of its shape when viewed from different perspectives.

The structure in its blue part is a mirror of its half and evolves in a visually challenging, canopy-like fashion, being able to confront and overcome any gravitational expectations of how the shape would unfold. The rhomboid net holds the mylar particles together giving the structure its playful elegance and framing the working areas underneath. The composition fascinates with its abstract expressionist spontaneity and ability to speak through excessive colors and figuration.
The project takes on previous major three-dimensional works San Gennaro North Gate and beautiful hanging garden installation We Are Flowers designed for Melissa’s shoe gallery in New York. The hanging surface’s design is volumetric, sensual and at the same time ambiguously otherworldly. Using the essential power of light to animate color, the three-dimensional stained glass window, as creators SOFTlab determines their work, casts colored light throughout the space creating a delightful visual experience.

By: Sabina Karleva
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