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BCDA Iconic Building

The 21st century is the age of Nature and the new BCDA building is designed as an icon for this emerging eco-consciousness.

The building is a multi-level landscape beginning from an expansive public park on grade to a vertically-hanging arboretum along the circulation cores, and up towards a health-themed urban roof farm.

Courtesy © CAZA

The new BCDA building is both an ecological machine and environmental museum: the vertical arboretum harvests water to display plant species that live in different parts of the Philippines, the urban farm reduces the building’s heat load while supplying local produce to the public, and the wellness center turns a fitness hub into a net-zero energy display.

The building reinforces the BCDA’s critical role in the infrastructural development and imparts the vision of an ecological future that is at once positively inspiring and exhilarating to experience.

Courtesy © CAZA

Project Info
Architects: CAZA
Location: Manila, Philippines
Client: BCDA Group
Type: Office Building

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