Made of a single sheet of copolymer, the Solid Gray backpack is, first and foremost, extremely lightweight. The weight feels comparable to a tablet, which, considering the size, means it’s pretty thin. The origami-meets-armadillo-meets-ninja turtle design is certainly strange and unique, and it almost makes you look like a stormtrooper student heading to class. Solid Gray can accommodate a volume of 15 liters, or approximately four gallons. It will also fit a laptop up to 15.6-inch in screen size. This is plenty of volume, but the strange shape of the bag is hard to adjust. Much of the weight of the bag, once items are stuffed inside, falls in the extruding part, which does little to evenly distribute weight. Again, this isn’t fun to endure if you’re aiming to travel heavily with this bag. Did I mention the edges of the bag are also a bit sharp? Be careful when opening and packing the bag as you might end up scratching yourself if not careful.

Courtesy of Solid-Gray

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