Kazim Doku designed a different type of vehicles for the future named “Audi Shark” The Audi Shark has the latest technology and features a very distinct design. The shark’s structure is of a plane and a motorcycle combined.

Arch2o Audi Shark Concept  Kazim Doku - 3

Courtesy of Kazim Doku

“Before I designed The Audi Shark, I had thought that it should both have stripes of the Audi brand and should be different from the other cars. The Audi Shark will be the perfect car of the future. That’s why The Shark has been designed both with the future techonology and today’s conditions. The Shark shows difference from today’s cars in terms of its unique design and techonology. It carries the qualifications of today’s techonology and at the same time it takes the attention about its structure of a plane and a motorcyle in details.” Kazim said

Arch2o Audi Shark Concept  Kazim Doku - 4

The vehicle design is sleek and impressive, as it has been chosen by Domus Academy and Audi have as the best design talent. With The Audi Shark people can feel the exitement and the comfort together with the feeling like flying. Outside the car what attracts people is the system of the paddles. There are paddles on the back of the shark which provides balance and control at high speeds, while the front head lights and back tail lights are designed specifically to fit the Audi brand. The interior design is also unique. The seats are designed with maximum comfort in mind.

Courtesy of Kazim Doku

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  • Espinoth

    1.) It looks very back-heavy, how would it not tip over?
    2.) Complete lack of cargo space, even two-seater cars these days have that.

    Aside that, it’s a very beautiful design, and I think I’d enjoy driving one around. 😮

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