When naming a region that produces a plethora of great design talents, Iran admittedly is not the first country that comes to mind. But while that statement might just be conceived out of ignorance or bias, Audi’s “From Dream to Reality” design exhibition hopes to shut down the general overlooking of Iran’s many talented young designers completely.

Arch2o- Audi D7 Concept-Kave Naser Bakht(6)

Courtesy of  Kaveh Nasserbakht

Located in Kamal Aldin Behzad Gallery in Teheran, Iran, the sponsored event showcases the exceptional gifts of young Iranians who have graduated in Industrial and Transportation Design. And they don’t disappoint.

Arch2o- Audi D7 Concept-Kave Naser Bakht(4)

Courtesy of  Kaveh Nasserbakht

One student in particular will be highlighted in this post: Kaveh Nasserbakht who designed the Audi D7 concept. The continually flowing body of the car alludes to Audi’s traditional body while taking it a step further by eliminating all sharp corners.

Arch2o- Audi D7 Concept-Kave Naser Bakht(3)

Courtesy of  Kaveh Nasserbakht

The iconic Audi grill is completely removed and covered by the car’s shell. In its place is a charging crack placed to accommodate the new energy efficient electric engine in front. Other unique features include light belts that create the headlights and taillights while also lining the dies of the car to allude to its form at night.

Arch2o- Audi D7 Concept-Kave Naser Bakht(5)

Courtesy of  Kaveh Nasserbakht

Its sleek shell dons a futuristic phantom appearance and helped it to become the main attraction at the design showcase. Its aggressively sporty body is both aerodynamic and streamlined in design. And although this was such a great hit at the exhibition, little is known about the interior and mechanics of the actual concept car which leaves designers and engineers excited for the enormous possibilities and potential for this design.

By Lyly Huyen

Courtesy of  Kaveh Nasserbakht

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