Asphyxia | Maria Takeuchi + Frederico Phillips

Everybody has heard about self-limitations and trying to break through, not knowing how to move on and how to release yourself from the bonds you yourself created around you. Well, the Asphixya art project can give you a clear rendered view of this struggle. The dance moves that were captured on film via many sensors that were attached to the body of Shiho Tanaka, were later processed and analyzed, and all the points were digitally connected to one another.

Courtesy of Asphyxia

Courtesy of Asphyxia

In their attempt to explore the combination between different technologies, this experimental film project by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillip has managed to create an even deeper understanding of human condition, way beyond the physical appearance. The metaphor that has emerged is both troubling and liberating. It is art as a form of escaping your own self imposed confinement, a way of seeking a way out.

By: Cristina Juc

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