Artist Creates Meticulously Architecture Sketches of Buildings Around the World

Aysylu Zaripova’s awe-inspiring works of art showcase a range of architectural monuments across the globe. She appears to have a preference for churches, from the Gothic cathedrals of France and Italy to Spain’s celebrated Sagrada Família. Aysylu Zaripova, who is an architectural student of KSUAE, often finds inspiration in other major landmarks from different viewpoints.

In addition to a range of subjects, her pieces also vary in scale; some are not bigger than her hand, while others appear to cover her entire drawing desk. Similarly, she also experiments with mediums, using colored pencils and paints to bring the buildings to life. Whether left black and white or embellished with pigments, however, each detailed drawing exhibits Zaripova’s undeniable talent—and unwavering patience!
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