I say godsdamn! Ha, and that’s about all I can really say with any certainty about this project. But godsdamn, is it inspiring. Not only is this a truly interesting and stimulating piece of architectural invention, but the presentation is just phenomenal.

Courtesy of Pavlo Kryvozub

The Art Forum by Pavlo Kryvozub is a work in progress, but has already reached a level of profundity in form and representation that students everywhere need to get a glimpse. 

Courtesy of Pavlo Kryvozub

Put down your computers and rendering programs! Take a picture, let us see your hand, stop motion is great! Use your computer, pick up the rendering program and do something different from the same series of money shots we see in every project which is digitally presented.

Courtesy of Pavlo Kryvozub

There is no further context I can give to you. Create your own if you want, but spend some time with these images and clips. It’ll be well worth it. Well done sir.

Courtesy of Pavlo Kryvozub

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