Architectural Trinkets

Architects have been employed in various fields all around the world, so it mustn’t come as a surprise that architects have also dipped a toe in the field of jewelry design. While many architects have taken up jewelry design as a profession, few have also contributed to the field by designing unique ornaments.

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Many of these trinkets, designed by well-known architects, have suddenly resurfaced and brought forth a lot of debate. With names like Peter Eisenman, Robert Venturi, Arata Isozaki, Zaha Hadid Architects (to name a few) being attached to them, these pieces have gained a lot of attention.

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Few of these knickknacks are one-of-a-kind pieces, with each one being very different from the conventional trinkets, while some stick to the traditional designs – with of course, a little modification.

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With the use of primary solids and primary shapes, architects have broken down jewelry to the most minimal sense. These designs are simple and have a sense of sophistication to them.

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Many of these designs are pleasing to the eye, with colors complementing the design and the wearer. But, irrespective of its simplicity or complexity, these designs are well-thought of, following the regular rules of jewelry, but taking it to a level, that only architects can.

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But a few are such that the wearer and the observer are confused – which appear to be structural elements molded around a person. These designs keep us guessing if certain parts have been ripped off of buildings to fit different people.

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Different designs that are eye-catching, have been produced through this venture – some, which are bold and in-your-face, while others catch you off-guard with their simple beauty. Nevertheless, these artifacts are not for the faint-hearted. These are for those who want to own a piece of jewelry that is unique and takes your breath away.

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By: Aishwarya Pai

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