This week Morpholio has announced a new addition to their collection called “Trace App“. The new app helps architects and designers to set the contrast, inversion, and any transformations when working through the stencil creation process. It offers an easy way to add figures and renderings to your sketches using a tool that has been familiar to architects for years. Morpholio’s pre-made figures, furniture, fixtures, entourage, landscape and graphic symbols bring any sketch, floor plan, section drawing, or background image to life. You may use it together with Trace App to annotate drawings with ease, or create custom super-graphics, patterns, and art at any scale.  Simply set the stencil and sketch over it with any brush or color. Your stencils can be colored and have textures applied through brush types such as pencil, charcoal, marker, and brush. This can be done by setting the stencil and sketching over it with any brush or color. In addition, stencils can be used to form patterns and art, all of which can be applied at any scale.

The app is supposed to offer speed and convenience for architects, without losing the “hand-made” quality of the architect’s sketch. Mark Collins, a co-creator of Trace App app said in a press release “Creating stencils sits perfectly between the architect’s sketch and the quick photo…. You’re trying to capture something—a texture, pattern, or detail that you want to use. Sketching is great but slow. Taking a photo buries it in the photo album. Generating a stencil automatically creates an incredible tool that you can utilize in various ways. The stencil is the quickest path to [distilling] an image into an actionable idea.”

Stencil app 04

Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio co-creator said “Here we witness, through art, the power of stencils delivering rigorous detail with extreme efficiency; an almost perfect optimization of craft, process, and drama”

Anna Kenoff, another co-creator said “Allowing designers to draw and work in a fast and uninhibited space is the path to discovery. We want to bring these opportunities into the digital realm, combining analog process with new media that stays at your fingertips and keeps the creative process flowing.”

Stencil app 03

Stencil app 02

Trace App also has a long set of pre-made illustrations and symbols that have been artfully created for architectural, interior, industrial, and graphic design. That makes it easier to do multilayered sketches and images. If you like a real world facade or street sign, you can take a photo, set the contrast, and then transform it into a stencil that you can use repeatedly. You can use it to bring a sketch, floor plan, section drawing, or background image to life.

Stencil app 01

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    So, no android version. ? thank you.

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