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Anne House

ANNE House is a common 5x20m townhouse in Vietnam. The house has a facade facing northwest, which receives intense sun and high temperature in the afternoon. A challenge for architects is to solve the problems related to sun protection solution and hot temperature reduction, all of which affect the living space.

The owner of the house is a young teacher couple living with their little daughter. Therefore, they wish to create a harmonious living space between living and teaching. All spaces must take advantage of factors such as ventilation and natural light. However, the connection between the spaces needs to be ensured.

photography by © Nguyen Cuong

Basically, the architecture is inseparable from the local climate. As a result, the architects have chosen the solution to create continuous space buffers: The buffer zone between the inside and outside of the house combined with trees to help solve the problem of reducing heat from the outside as well as the buffer zone between the architectural spaces in the house through the floor space. This helps create a clear passage, which aims at transferring light and natural wind and regulating the indoor environment temperature. Therefore, the air source in the house is always circulated like a lung.

photography by © Nguyen Cuophotography by © Nguyen Cuongng

The house is designed in the style of minimalism according to the most necessary functions of the landlord. You will always be comfortable in this house because of the natural energy available in combination with friendly, rough materials available locally, which creates an ideal temperature and medium color. As a result, direct sunlight coming in from the outside will be scattered into indirect light and radiate evenly into spaces without creating a sense of heat during the hot hours.

Trees play an important part in the house. It is a highlight for the project which brings a sense of relaxation and clearance for a small-area house. In a word, the greenery in the house is considered a link between the floors and through the link, family members can see each other and chat in an enclosed and open space.

photography by © Nguyen Cuong

Project Info:
Architects: Econs Architecture
Location: HÒA QUÝ, Vietnam
Area: 300 m²
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Nguyen Cuong
Manufacturers: AutoDeskHafeleJotunAdobeCaesarJanmiMPETrimble Navigation
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