“Anatomica di Revolutis” is a wicked sculpture project by American artist Joshua Harker. Joshua is using Kickstarter to get funds and support for this new project, his second venture on Kickstarter (the first one was the most funded sculpture project in Kickstarter history).

Courtesy of Joshua Harker


“My latest work entitled ‘Anatomica di Revolutis’ is in honor of the developing 3rd Industrial Revolution. My art has been inspired, enabled, & defined by it. The resources & networks of the revolution are my tools, medium, & art gallery. I’m here to present my art within the context of how & why I make it, not on a shelf or wall in a gallery, but within the current landscape of the public psyche & part of a larger event.”


Courtesy of Joshua Harker


Beneath the skull, a pair of wings hang in an homage to the phoenix. Made from 75 mechanical pieces, the wings are mobilized by pulling a dangling chain. At the bottom of the chain hangs a pyramid that shows an eye, a mouth and an ear on each side—a reference to the Japanese maxim “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” Each body part is mobilized by toggling a crossed heart that hangs below the pyramid.

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