Hakanai | Adrien M & Claire B


A choreographic performance which provides a bridge between a dream and reality by using advanced technology and real-life puppetry – this is what Hakanai stands for. The word Hakanai means insubstantial in Japanese, fragile, and impermanent, the artists being inspired by nature because of its elusive materials and elements.

The 3d images seen by the dancers invoke passion and continuity to help them perform with much more finesse. The performance is held inside a cube, which gives rise to space at the fringe of the imaginary and the real, while also taking the spectators and dancers through a 3 -Dimensional journey. Adrien M / Claire B refers to Hakanai as a spectacle of dialog between the dancers and digital scenography that surrounds it. White tulle is used to project images on the facade of the cube which entices the dancers to perform accordingly and are provided a constant transformation between the movements and visual spaces. Anamorphosis and metamorphosis are the type of forms interwoven together with the dancing body and fragments of landscape and surfaces, creating a backdrop which gives life and form to space. The Hakanai was the first debut on 17th March 2015, at the BAM’s Fishman Theatre. CGI, proximity sensors that respond to the performer’s sudden movements, combined with video projection, create a performance that keeps the spectators constantly intrigued and amazed.

By: Muhammad Umair Siddiqui

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