The 5.5 pound ‘Sofa So Good’ | Janne Kyttanen

Watching Janne Kyttanen hold it up in mid air with such ease, you’d never imagine that this wiry lattice that looks like a mini roller coaster could actually be a sturdy little sofa.Created in a single print on a ProX 950, one of the largest format 3D printers by 3D Systems, the ‘Sofa So Good’ weighs only 2.5 kgs or 5.5 lbs. Giving a whole new dimension to the movable aspect of  furniture design, this light weight sofa coated in high polish copper and chrome gives a contemporary feel to the entire setting. Revolutionizing the way furniture is designed and produced, the sofa indeed is too good to be true with zero material wastage. The designer has the freedom to add as much complexity and intricacy into the design as he wants without worrying about the repercussions in cost and effort. To here more about the ‘Sofa So Good’ by the designer himself, watch the link below.

By: Shamita Chaudhry
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