Top 30 Songs for Architects

Top 30 Songs for Architects

All the traces of mortality and immortality, alike, cavort rhythmically foretasting an ephemeral, a transient satisfaction that can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. This prance is in agreeable harmony for the honor of one’s sensibility and the permissible delights of the soul.

Courtesy of National Geographic

Courtesy of National Geographic

“Perfume was first created to mask the stench of foul and offensive odors…

Spices and bold flavorings were created to mask the taste of putrid and rotting meat…
What then was music created for?
Was it to drown out the voices of others, or the voices within ourselves?
I think I know.” ― Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls 

A desideratum, a deep hunger; music is a moral law.  It embraces the mind, the body and the soul with gaiety-one that perpetuates the flight of the mind in the realm of imagination. It charms sadness, obstructing the worldly cares from obliterating the sense of preeminence of the human psyche which God has beautifully implanted within our being. We have our own unique yet solitary approaches that decipher each rhythmic note. We hear music to listen to the pulsating pivotal intersection articulated beautifully in songs.

Courtesy of Adam Niklewicz

Courtesy of Adam Niklewicz

Jamshed Bharucha, a neuroscientist and musician discovered that, there’s something primal about why we love music. Bharucha found that creative domains such as music allow humans to connect in a synchronized way, helping us develop a group identity and become more likely to work together. They say that listening to Mozart makes a person smarter, but a new study shows that it’s not only classical music that boosts mental activity.

Courtesy of Corey Blaz

Courtesy of Corey Blaz

The Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid gravitates toward classical music during work, so does Canadian born American architect Frank Gehry. However, Ieoh Ming Pei, commonly known as I. M. Pei, a Chinese American architect expresses his bold inclination toward piano music.

I cannot work and listen to Wagner at the same time, nor Mahler, nor Beethoven’s late quartets. I enjoy listening to Chopin’s piano music when I work. – I. M. Pei

The basic miracle of perception is that it is rarely concordant. A melody that insinuates and invigorates some, might not have the same effect on another being. Such is the beauty of circumstantial loci. Bob Borson, the author of created a wonderful playlist of music for architects to enjoy while rolling in the office, his list includes:

  • Music Bill Withers – Use Me

  • Ben Harper – Use Me (from Live from Abbey Road)

  • Curve – Fait Accompli

  • Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

  • Peter Gabriel – Shock the Money

  • Radiohead – Lotus Flower

  • Mumford & Sons – Dust Bowl Dance

  • We Were Promised Jetpacks – It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning

  • Julian Plenti – Games for Days

  • LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk is Playing At My House

  • Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein 

  • Andrew Bird – Yawny at the Apocalypse

  • Coldplay – Death and All His Friends

  • M83 – You, Appearing

  • M83 – Skin Of The Night

  • M83 – Midnight Souls Still Remain

  • Carly Commando – Everyday 

  • Sigur Ros – Ara Batur

  • Sigur Ros – All Alright

  • BRIAN ENO – “1/1”

  • EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY – “First Breath After Coma”

  • Sigur Ros – “Takk”

  • Air – “Highschool Lover”

  • Nightmares on Wax – “You Wish”

  • The xx – “Intro”

  • Boards of Canada –“Reach for the Dead”

  • LCD Soundsystem – 45:33

  • Miles Davis – “So What”

  • Ratatat – “Shempi”

  • M83 – “Midnight City


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