20 Photographs of Contemporary Architecture Prove That the Future Is Now

Dreamers since the beginning of times have been occupied by thoughts of future possibilities. Ever since the industrial revolution and the invention of steam engines, those thoughts have leaped quite remarkably. Contemporary Architecture as the setting we live in has had its fair share of these thoughts depicted in literary, televised, and cinematized visualizations. The dream of defying gravity has been the main feature for most of these visualizations, had it been in the shape of the vast interior spans, clear of any structural obstructions, or tremendous heights that go beyond the clouds. Of course, with the emergence of steel construction in the late 19th century, those dreams started to seem more close to reality, and so dreamers went even wilder with their imaginations, raising the bar. They started to imagine cities of high rises connected via orbits, metallic exteriors and interiors, massive domed halls, blobby undefined forms, floating cities, and flying architecture. We might not have, exactly, achieved this last one, but we have pretty much hit the mark with everything else. Check this architecture photographs of existing works by contemporary architects to realize that the future is now.


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