The Perfection of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery in Animated Illustrations – GIFs

The Japanese have always been well known for their mastery of wood craftsmanship. Their complex yet perfect wood joinery techniques dates back to the 7th century. Wood elements of traditional Japanese structures were interlocked together by complicated tongue and groove-like joint systems. These systems were perfectly functional and they did not require nails, bolts, or adhesives. However, these techniques were kept exclusive to the family carpentry guilds which developed them, as secrets of the trade.

Recently, there has been efforts to document these traditional joint systems in books and magazines to keep them alive, but the 2D illustrations are not easy to comprehend. Also, the assembly techniques for the different parts are difficult to visualize based on 2D static figures. A young Japanese man, who works in automobile marketing, realized these problems and decided to propose a solution. He created 3D animated illustrations for a number of traditional wood joinery techniques and published them on a Twitter account. He used product design software Fusion360 and his own self-taught woodworking skills to create them. The account now has 105 posts featuring different techniques of wood joinery.

The creator of the animated illustrations was triggered by his fascination with the traditional techniques to collect and organize them. He even plans to place them in catalogs. He is hopeful that 3D printing and machinery technologies would restore these techniques to their former glory.

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