Designed in 2011 by EASTON+COMBS, the interior of the “Title Concept Showroom” of BOFFO Building Fashion was made of folded and interlocking aluminum panels and inspired by textile weaves and patterns. It took less than 48 hours to install. The textile tradition creates a common thread for architecture and fashion. Both pursuits invent through pattern, structure, geometry and form. We redefine these distinctions as a play of scale and materiality. More details from the architect comes after the jump.

Arch2O Ohne Titel Concept Showroom EASTON COMBS-5

Courtesy of EASTON+COMBS

The Ohne Titel Concept Showroom is a temporary retail / gallery environment for the display of the fashion designers fall / winter 2011 collection in New York City. The design focuses simultaneously on the issues of the architecture of temporary spaces, as well as the development of an immersive display-scape for the Ohne Titel collection. The designed environment alternates between its role as a spectacular backdrop for display and a visually porous weave suggesting a layering of inside and outside. Folding and interlocking aluminum components are tethered and woven together to form a composite structural surface that creates a play of scale and materiality through pattern, structure, geometry and form.

Arch2O Ohne Titel Concept Showroom EASTON COMBS-6

Courtesy of EASTON+COMBS

Conceptually and practically, the temporary nature of the architectural environment instigates a research that narrows the divisions between strategies in textile (fashion) design and architectural and fabrication design. The entire installation is achieved on a minimal budget and installed in less that 48 hours. To maximize the efficiency of the installation period the display system is developed as a interdependent component wall system, where the performance of structure, fabrication, display, image and atmosphere are resolved in with one architectural strategy.

Courtesy of EASTON+COMBS

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