New Google Earth Works Directly on Browser and Takes You on Arranged Virtual Tours

A new Google Earth has launched, and it is no longer a software that needs to be installed. Now, it is a web application for Google Chrome which can be accessed online without the need to download or install any external files, but that is not all. As soon as you access this latest version of this Google flagship, a “Launch Google Earth” option will appear while magnificent 3D aerial views of world cities and natural sceneries are showing in the background.

When you choose to launch, Google Earth will load and show you the familiar view of planet Earth. After that, it will take you on an optional virtual trip to Paris. On the way, card-like popup windows with some brief information from Wikipedia about the French capital’s points of interest start showing. When you get there, you will be given an option to orbit the city in 3D.

Another new feature you will be introduced to is “Voyager”. Remember when you used to “discover the world” by randomly visiting sites on Google Earth? Well, they caught the idea and made it more organized. Now, you can have virtual tours under the categories: travel, nature, culture, and history.

For example, if you choose culture you will find a number of initially prepared tours to Frank Gehry buildings, Zaha Hadid Architecture, Ernest Hemingway’s hangouts, or the Art Nouveau highlight in Europe. Let’s say you have chosen to visit some of the late Iraqi-British architect’s works, the web app starts by pointing out the locations of six of her works worldwide, then it visits them one by one while giving you 3D orbits of each building.

Finally, there is the “feeling lucky” option, which really takes you to some random site anywhere on Earth. For architects with a sense of wonder and who have some free time to do something quite enjoyable, this might be your thing for today.

The mobile app for the new launch has been developed and released for Android, and soon it will be released for IOS and mobile browsers.

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