The Living Roof is a new ecological urban retreat by adNAU. The mobile house condenses its inhabitants needs and activities into a compact and self-sustaining capsule, it could be used as an alternative to hotel rooms or as a temporary residence for multi-city dwellers, the Living Roof project exists as individual suites spread throughout the city.

Courtesy of ADNAU

This kind of alternative housing is designed as a completely self-powered capsule that could be placed on the roofs of buildings. It has an ultra-insulated shell and regenerative systems allow the Living Roof to exist largely off the grid.  Its sensuous form feed wind into mini-turbines at each end, while funneling rainwater to collectors.  Integrated photovoltaic cells also help to make the Living Roof one of the world’s greenest structures.

Courtesy of ADNAU

Internally, instead of dispersing activities horizontally, a functional ring vertically combines sleep, lounge and work areas. The house inhabitants can choose their desired mode and the ring rotates the appropriate module downwards, the house completely accommodates different types of activities within very small, and completely functional spaces. 
Architects: ADNAU

Courtesy of ADNAU

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