LEGO company and BIG architecture firm are known to be making a visitor center in Denmark that resembles the famous toy-blocks produced by LEGO. The LEGO House is expected to open in September 2017, at Billund, the city where the LEGO company started in 1932.

Courtesy of LEGO

The aerial view was considered in the masterplan by Bjarke Ingles, the founder of BIG and designer of the project. He wished the building to be distinguishable from above, especially by Google Earth. A drone video was recently released by LEGO, featuring a total of 21 blocks, with the top white volume of the center having 8 skylights. This appearance resembles a 4×2 LEGO brick, with 8 raised circles that are made to fit into the slots of other bricks. The rest of the building’s blocks have white walls and brightly colored roofs. The final finishes of the project are currently in process, with all the main aspects of the House being in place.

Courtesy of LEGO

The center is expected to host galleries and exhibitions, and it will additionally include three restaurants. The Mini Chef restaurant is one where visitors can order food on LEGO bricks and get served by robots. The play areas at the terraces are furnished with LEGO-like items including a space rocket, a helicopter, in addition to the tables and seats. The visitors will be able to move freely between the playgrounds via stairways that extend both inside and outside the building.

Courtesy of LEGO

Since the LEGO House is made primarily for children’s activities and learning programs, the designers colored the roofs of each block differently to indicate the type of activity done inside. The red-colored block comprises programs that induce creativity, green stimulates socialization, yellow is for children to express their feelings, and blue is for intellectual activities.

You can watch the drone video for the almost finished LEGO House at the following link:

The LEGO House will open officially to the public on the 28th of September, 2017.

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