:Embodied Forces | Co-de-iT + Arch2O

New Materials + New Fabrication Techniques 

:Embodied Forces
1-8 Sept 13
Registration for the workshop starts 1/7- Ends 7/8
Location: Faculty of Fine Arts – Alexandria, Egypt

Alessio Erioli | Researcher, Co-de-iT
Andrea Graziano | Architect, Co-de-iT
Ibrahim Abdelhady | Researcher, Arch2O
Sushant Verma | Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects, Arch2O

Workshop Coordinator:
Heba Moanes Latif | Coordinator, Arch2O-Egypt

Workshop Fees:
400 $ Students (2950 LE)
450 $ Non students/ Professional  (3350 LE)

*Students of Faculty of Fine arts- Alexandria University have a special discount (350$ – 2600 LE)

Registration: In personal meeting with Arch: Heba Moanes | Faculty of Fine arts Alexandria.  Every Thursday and Saturday – from 4thJuly to 10th August – Email: [email protected]

Computational design can be exploited to inform material systems both directly in the design medium (software) and with fabrication effects that transcend the limits of digital simulation, using forces in a twofold way: harness embedded performance rationales (structural, thermal, etc.) and promoting aesthetics at increasing levels of resolution that remap the traditional building hierarchies infusing them throughout several system scales.

The pavilion will then result as an embodiment of forces at play, though, differently from engineering problems of the form-finding experiments of the `60es, not a bare reflection of a single principle aimed to reduction and the search for an optimum. Rather, this would be the case of a search for the maximum possible articulated richness and complexity that the design process allows.
During the workshop, participants will be confronted with design problems inherent to the relation between computational design and making through machines, going through an hands-on approach to the issues and opportunities that fabrication and construction provide within the design process.


Rhino + Grasshopper will be our weapons of choice
Participants are required to have an understanding of NURBS and Mesh modeling in Rhino and/or other mesh modeling software (3DSMax, Maya, Blender)

Participants should bring their own laptops with latest versions of Rhino 5 and Grasshopper installed. Further instructions will be mailed prior to the workshop beginning.Keep yourself updated ! Sign up for the workshop mailing list below (You may need to refresh the page if you cant see the form below):

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