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With a gracious curving roofline and , the new Dance and Music Center in The , is another interesting design by the world-renowned architects. Nestled within the city skyline, the center has a total building area of 48000 square meters as well as underground car parking.

Arch2o- Dance and Music Center-Zaha Hadid(12)

 Courtesy of Zaha Hadid

The singular building is designed to house four major institutions including the Royal Conservatory, the Dance Theatre, the Orchestra, and the center’s Guest Programming.


 Courtesy of Zaha Hadid

The exterior façade of the has a playful language, giving it an appearance of a fluid force field, created by horizontal louvers. This design feature helps to articulate public circulation, the foyers and the sculpted inner atrium, while allowing visual connections outside to the square.

Arch2o- Dance and Music Center-Zaha Hadid(10)

 Courtesy of Zaha Hadid

The development of the exterior appearance was generated from the unique dynamics of the site, giving the structure its subtle volumetric gestures that appear to move when graced by light and shadow throughout the day, resembling an optical illusion.


 Courtesy of Zaha Hadid

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