Megacity is best defined as a metropolitan area that has a total population in excess of 10 million people whom accordingly emphasizes life in the future. There are numerous exquisite mega-cities in sci-fi literature, but from my own perspective I believe they need a visual medium to truly do them justice. Here, we present a real good example for a megacity of the future by Tsvetan Toshkov, a visionary architect who demonstrates the sky is not the limit for his imagination as he goes beyond it, exploring new ideas and features. Recently, Tsvetan unveiled a challenging concept for a futuristic city that looks promising for sustainable tomorrow . The lotus- inspired city, far above any familiar sky-scrapers is still under development, presents an imagery long-beloved sustainable vision with steep perspectives of a frictionless, super-shiny and super-clean city.

“City in the sky is a concept about a tranquil oasis above the mega developed and polluted city where one can escape from the everyday buzz, smog and dirt. The concept is inspired by the Lotus flower which is known for its ability to emerge above the murky waters pure and clean“

In this city; live, work, shopping, entertainment and educational spaces are all built into the layers of this futuristic urban design. The cultural life of this self-contained city is focused internally yet the structural forms of the rising Lotus flowers stalks, which ring them speak to and have views out to the surrounding area. While on the top, the Lotus leaves fuze and expand over the everyday buzz, smog and city dirt turning this new urban design into tranquil oasis above the polluted urban life.

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