Changi Airport Complex | UNStudio

Changi Airport Complex | UNStudio

19th August 2013 the Changi Airport Group (CAG) release their proposal for the new Changi airport, which like most of Singapore’s architectural cityscape, is meant to be iconic with its multi-functionality of mixed-use space. As iconic as the masterplan, so is the chosen design firm – Dutch UNStudio with lead architect Ben van Berkel. The aim is to increase Changi’s international reputation as a transport hub and strengthen its connections with Singapore’s infrastructure – and this is way design turns into a very effective tool for communication and realization of major ideas. The so-called Project Jewel’s area is calculated at 3.5 ha of building site, thus providing Singapore’s residents with a new cityscape attraction to visit, enjoy and reside in.

Entrance Hall

UNStudio again accomplish a human-involving task with clever and semi-translucent façade design [previously, we looked at Ardmore residence which offered its inhabitants more private space due to the concrete skin blending with the structural columns]. According to the studio’s rationale, three components: Attraction, Aviation and Retail, become main activities that will take place on the other side [on the inside] of the hexagonal façade. The functional aesthetics of the hexagonal views is that it allows maximum penetration of natural light where retail has become a singular unit to be well lit. But on the other hand, the clever hexagonal design provides maximum shading for required areas too, considering Singapore’s climate. The hexagonal visualization incorporated into the glazed structure becomes a beautiful representation of the aesthetics of transparency. United beneath the façade are food & beverage areas, garden activities, retail areas, lounges and a cineplex and movie themed attraction.  The exterior landscape is represented via a garden, which stands for the Attraction element. It leads into the realms of all-activities

Sky Train

 By UNStudio
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