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In the Babiy Yar Memorial, a speculative project by Kokkugia there are two very interesting design strategies at work: the introverted monument, and poly-scalar, self-similar forms.

Courtesy of Kokkugia

The monument, prescribed to bring recollection and contemplation, is often seemingly self-defeating in its implementation. Where thoughts of the past were hoped for, many times only feeling towards the object which is the monument arise. The outward focusing monument becomes a monument to itself, representing only in theory that for which it stands. The Babiy Yar Memorial is designed as an outwardly stark geometric form which contains within it a world of energy and violence exhibited to the outside only through the fissures it creates where it can no longer be contained.

Courtesy of Kokkugia

This interior world is one of seeming randomness that becomes legible at the local scale. It is somewhat fractal in nature, being generated from non-linear systems that scale up or down, depending on vantage point. Cast from bronze, it exists with no ‘base state’, no least common denominator- everything is local, adapting to individual and constantly changing conditions. Like fractals, regions of apparent periodicity may emerge, but will always dissolve away, keeping the eye and mind moving and guessing.

Courtesy of Kokkugia

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