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The Art of Building Photography Competition 2016 announces the 15 Finalists
The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has chosen the 15 finalist images for the 2016 Art of Building Photographer of the Year competition. The 15 spectacular images were taken by professional and amateur photographers from all over the world. In their work, they managed to grasp the essence of the built environment from various spots around the globe. They captured the people as an integrated part of that image.

The panel of judges that decided on the finalists is composed of professional photographers and editors. The criteria based on which they have shortlisted the competitors include creativity, composition, lighting, and relevancy.

CIOB spokesman Saul Townsend described this year’s entries for the competition as a “cornucopia of styles and stories,” The photographs show among other things the iconic Flatiron in New York, a bridge in Latvia, a mosque in Istanbul, Moorish architecture in Italy, and laborers in India.

The vote for the winning photograph is open to the public on CIOB’s Art of Building website. It will end on January 23, 2017, and the winner shall be announced on February 7.


Overlook - Photography: Jonathan Walland

Overlook – Photography: Jonathan Walland

Photograph title: Overlook
Photographer: Jonathan Walland
Photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Nikon D7100

Photographer’s description: This is part of a series of photographs demonstrating how the absence of light can be used to divert the attention of the observer towards what the photographer intended to highlight.


Elevation - Photography: Naf Selmani

Elevation – Photography: Naf Selmani

Photograph title: Elevation
Photographer: Naf Selmani
Photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Fujifilm X-T10

Photographer’s description: The Hive – Kew Gardens’ spectacular new bee-inspired sculpture seen from below as one of the visitor lays on the top glass floor to pose for pictures. This multi-sensory experience integrates art, science and landscape architecture.

Changing Landscape 1

Changing Landscape 1 - Photography: Barbara Rossi

Changing Landscape 1 – Photography: Barbara Rossi

Photograph title: Changing Landscape 1
Photographer: Barbara Rossi
Photo was taken: Sokhna, Egypt
Camera used: Nikon d810

Photographer’s description: I took this photo in deconstruction, it shows transformation, action and beauty.


Peacock - Photography: Gina Soden

Peacock – Photography: Gina Soden

Photograph title: Peacock
Photographer: Gina Soden
Photo was taken: Italy
Camera used: Nikon D800

Photographer’s description: A fine example of Moorish architecture – but in a castle in Italy. These rooms were all hand designed and painted by one man who had a vision to build this beautiful castle and open it as a hotel.

Coast minimalism

Coast minimalism - Photography: Senad Tahmaz

Coast minimalism – Photography: Senad Tahmaz

Photograph title: Coast minimalism
Photographer: Senad Tahmaz
Photo was taken: Supetar, Croatia
Camera used: Nikon D90

Photographer’s description: Unusual, minimalistic view of the architecture detail.

The Gherkin

The Gherkin - Photography: James Tarry

The Gherkin – Photography: James Tarry

Photograph title: The Gherkin
Photographer: James Tarry
Photo was taken: London, UK
Camera used: Sinar 4X5

Photographer’s description: This series is about looking past imperfections and ‘incorrect’ architectural photography techniques. They are created using a 4×5 technical film camera by forcing the perspective and focus. The expired Kodak Ektachrome is then developed in the ‘wrong’ chemicals to produce these big slabs of often other worldly colour. These are flawed and hopefully challenging, just like some of the buildings themselves.

He and the Bridge

He and the Bridge - Photography: Oleg Dashkov

He and the Bridge – Photography: Oleg Dashkov

Photograph title: He and the Bridge
Photographer: Oleg Dashkov
Photo was taken: Riga, Latvia
Camera used: Canon EOS 60D

Photographer’s description: ‘Riga’s Tower Counter’ keeps his records during any season rain or shine, wet or fine. Is he distracted by the beauty of the cable bridge I wonder?

The Hive

The Hive - Photography: Marco Grassi

The Hive – Photography: Marco Grassi

Photograph title: The Hive
Photographer: Marco Grassi
Photo was taken: Larung Gar, Tibet
Camera used: Canon 5D mark III

Photographer’s description: Since June 2016, everything has changed in Larung Gar, but almost nobody knows about that. What before was the largest Buddhist settlement in the world and a remote place out of the modern society where nuns and monks led a passive life, is now being demolished by Chinese authorities.


Control - Photography: Roman Robroek

Control – Photography: Roman Robroek

Photograph title: Control
Photographer: Roman Robroek
Photo was taken: Hungary
Camera used: Canon EOS650D

Photographer’s description: This beautiful control room is one of a kind and built in a beautiful art-deco style.


Purelife - Photography: Shibasish Saha

Purelife – Photography: Shibasish Saha

Photograph title: Purelife
Photographer: Shibasish Saha
Photo was taken: West Bengal, India
Camera used: Nikon D3300

Photographer’s description: In this frame men as well as women are working very hard to feed their individual families. Women forget their pain and work alongside the men in a brick field.

Flatiron Building in the Snowstorm

Flatiron Building in the Snowstorm - Photography: Michele Palazzo

Flatiron Building in the Snowstorm – Photography: Michele Palazzo

Photograph title: Flatiron Building in the Snowstorm
Photographer: Michele Palazzo
Photo was taken: New York, USA
Camera used: Ricoh GR

Photographer’s description: New York City’s iconic Flatiron building emerges from the blizzard like the bow of a giant ship plowing through the wind and the snow. Taken during the historic coastal storm “Jonas” on January 23rd, 2016 the photograph went viral during the aftermath of the storm.

Sancaklar Mosque 2

Sancaklar Mosque 2 - Photography: Bulent Suberk

Sancaklar Mosque 2 – Photography: Bulent Suberk

Photograph title: Sancaklar Mosque 2
Photographer: Bulent Suberk
Photo was taken: Istanbul, Turkey
Camera used: Nikon D700

Photographer’s description: Modern architecture as a non-traditional mosque.

People’s Friendship Arch

People's Friendship Arch - Photography: Oleksandr Nesterovskyi

People’s Friendship Arch – Photography: Oleksandr Nesterovskyi

Photograph title: People’s Friendship Arch
Photographer: Oleksandr Nesterovskyi
Photo was taken: Kiev, Ukraine
Camera used: Canon 450D

Photographer’s description: The photo shows the combination of nature and architecture, the harmony in combination of titanium arch height of 30 meters and a tree.

The Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm

The Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm - Photography: Derek Snee

The Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm – Photography: Derek Snee

Photograph title: The Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm
Photographer: Derek Snee
Photo was taken: Northumberland, UK
Camera used: Fuji X-T1

Photographer’s description: Imagine if we could use plants to harvest wind! Well now we can. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, I give you ‘The Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm’!


Jeporeka - Photography: Enrique Gimenez-Velilla

Jeporeka – Photography: Enrique Gimenez-Velilla

Photograph title: Jeporeka
Photographer: Enrique Gimenez-Velilla
Photo was taken: Asunción, Paraguay
Camera used: Nikon D5100

Photographer’s description: This photo seeks to pay homage to all the clever unknown workers that still build and maintain built infrastructure in the developing world. Jeporeka is a Paraguayan Guarani word that roughly translates into make do.

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