This Plasma Studio designed glasshouse looks far off from a traditional greenhouse. With inclined facades making reference to a crystal, the building is semi-submerged into the landscape overlooking the lake.

Arch2o-greenhouse-plasma-studio_ps_xian_phot_bilt_09 (2)

Courtesy of  Plasma Studio

The continuity between natural and artificial brings out a unique synergy. The main entrance is towards the lake; a prolonged cut emerges to create a light-filled reception from which visitors access the greenhouse.

The overall horseshoe shaped plan creates a loop to accommodate unique planting and spatial conditions.

Arch2o-greenhouse-plasma-studio_ps_xian_phot_bilt_09 (1)

Courtesy of  Plasma Studio

This shape also generates an interior open-air courtyard making it the centre of a three-dimensional web of interior and exterior circulation. This mesh of paths leads through three different climatic zones corresponding to plant environments.

This crystal of a greenhouse sits fittingly in between land and lake providing protection for plants and giving visitors a convivial space.

Arch2o-greenhouse-plasma-studio_ps_xian_phot_bilt_09 (4)Courtesy of  Plasma Studio

Type: exhibition, infrastructure, public

Status: competition, built

Location: Xi’an, china

Year: 2009-2011

Client: city of Xi’an

Budget: undisclosed

Size: 4,000 sq.m

Program: greenhouse

Awards: Wallpaper’s best building site 2011, this decade of architecture in china 2000-2010

Partner in charge: Eva Castro, Holger Kehne, Ulla Hell

By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of  Plasma Studio

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