Woven Steel Structure | Oyler Wu Collaborative

Woven Steel Structure

An installation that includes a seating place is made up of 13,700m of woven rope that is strung through a steel frame. This design approach creates an optical illusion. This entire structure is pushing the boundaries of how we perceive. This steel wall module is visibly recognized as a controlled series of patterns. As the audience moving around the structure sees the 4th dimension the way we view the sculpture changes drastically and reveals its complex nature.

Photography By© jason wheeler

Swinging back and forth from a series of twisted surfaces and absorbing play of spaces and material thickness. The span of this sculpture is 6.6 meters and is composed of lightweight steel frames analytically wrapped in rope. Geometry demanded incredible accuracy and highly corresponding teamwork. As structural design had to follow the requirement for vitality and visual permanence, it lead to the examination of methods which introducing arithmetical complexity along with the prerequisite for better degree of viewers appointment. This structures design is suppose to mimic furniture of the street.

Photography By© jason wheeler

By:Andreas Papazafeiropoulos

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