Tomorrow’s House | Osman Sümer

Tomorrow’s House Osman Sümer

Tomorrow’s Housing design should be generative and capable of spreading into urban spaces defined by users.Today’s housing design understanding is not for /every user and not proposed in the sites that everyone can afford.Because not every people can afford livable homes//urban spaces should be defined and city should include these /urban spaces as main parts of its consistent system.We can produce //beautiful architecture but for who,when and where?

Senseless designs of cities are not working properly as //some lands become priceless while remaining considered as left over parts of city for //others to live.The system vanishes the borders of that is city defined with respect to variety of social class.//System is a reaction to the housing system of the cities that are not fictionalised well. The cities are living with touch of human,the proposed system says that ‘’we can all touch and change the system’.Tomorrows cities and living environments will not be called as //system if we will not change our attitude towards our environment.Cities should be //where we want to live,and housing is a crucial part of whole structure as living system./System proposes //codes and lets people write the program.However /system is very consistent in some points city should include for users which are /green /working opportunities /education /suitable living environment and /equal rights for every users.

System proposes a green environment for ones who wants to plant tree on ground.It is nature friendly and all materials can be re-used and can be constructed easily.Simple frame structure includes containers.Because //containers are very modular and easy to produce for different purposes,they can be house,cafe,playground or many other things if anyone wants it to be.People can easily turn container into a house.Moreover,frame structure allows users to change location of containers.The location,the design and the purpose is defined by users. However,the surrounding buildings should be considered with the self-sufficent system as //the system should be living with the surrounding environment.As the system is generative,user-defined and an example of volumetric urbanism,it can be applied to every urban space where needed.It is open to change and can keep up with the requirements of users and /future city life. 


Project credit

Name : Osman Sümer

School : Middle East Technical University/METU 4th Year Architecture Student

Supervisor : Prof.Dr. Aysen Savas

4th year Studio Instructor at METU

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