8 Tips for Architecture Students to Make the Most of Summer Internships

For most architecture students, summer internships suck in one way or another. This is because you folks cannot usually think beyond getting ‘whatever’ job at any architecture office. When you do land a job, you frequently end up doing irrelevant tasks like making an inventory or mowing the grass. That’s when you think to yourself: did I study architecture to arrange someone’s cupboards?

Nevertheless, if you know the tactics to turn your fate around, you’ll find much value in the office-culture. So right here, right now, we are presenting to you 8 effective tips to have lifetime experiences at your summer internships. Check them out!

1. Apply for Offices That You Like!

It goes without saying that firstly, you need to give up your “gaaah-whatever-just-get-a-job” mentality and pick the offices whose design approach appeals to you! We are not suggesting that you ONLY apply for internships at these offices. Rather, you should apply everywhere but pay special attention to the workplaces you find interesting.

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To this end, you can add a special note to your cover letter about how you are into their architectural style and have always been dreaming to take a similar design path. While for other conventional offices, just copy paste the same old boring cover letter with closed eyes.

2. Demonstrate All Your Skills!

Once you secure an internship – whether it’s at the office of your choice or otherwise – be sure to demonstrate all your skills. Leave your idle zone and roam around hunting for tasks you know you would rock at. Volunteer to do them and show them what you’ve got.

3. Be Eager to Learn!

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If you do not have any skill but you miraculously got this awesome internship, now is your chance to learn. Sit next to someone working with rhino, for example, and stare at what they’re doing until you learn it. You can also politely ask for trying some commands under their supervision.This will show that you are enthusiastic about expanding your architectural knowledge and skills, and you will ultimately find this written in your praise on your recommendation letter. Believe me, if you spend your time learning new things, you will turn from zero to hero!

4. Make Yourself Useful!

You are already the most interesting person at the office. Thus, you shouldn’t be shy to take a tour around every day and see where you can help out. Make sure you look for ‘design problems’ that you can solve, though. No need to mow the grass!

If you’re not easy with this idea then observe what people sitting next to you are doing and offer them design suggestions if you can.

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5. Spread Innovative Ideas!

Also, share your great ideas with people around you whenever you get an opportunity to do so. Who knows, you might inspire them to do something that all architects should actually be doing today.

The best way to spread your innovative ideas is through writing. So, you might as well want to look for side internships in architectural journalism on popular online platforms.

6. Be Timely!

Try to be punctual at work; you will be respected for it. If you arrive late, leave late. Do all your tasks within the office hours and try to submit everything on time. After office hours, you may chill.

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7. Be Friendly!

This tip is the backbone of all other tips. You can neither learn nor share design ideas until you’re friendly with the employees and other interns at work. Socialize with all people at the office; this will help you to become part of the office environment.

By the time your internship ends, you will have everyone’s contact in your WhatsApp! Believe it or not, but you will be missed once you leave.

8. Do It with Passion!

Yes, the best tip to make the most of your summer internships is to work with passion. That is to say, don’t just do it to get fancy tags on your resume but try to enjoy every bit of your internship experience.

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Happy internship-ing! ?

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