A Table for Living

How will we be leading our lives in 2025? How will we view our food? Concept Kitchen 2025 explores these questions. In collaboration with IDEO and students of Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology, IKEA has designed this kitchen around 12 assumptions of the world in 2025.

An integral part of this kitchen is ‘A Table for Living’. The dining table plays an important role in our daily lives where individuals come together to share not only food, but also experiences. Concept Kitchen 2025 assumes that a decade later, our spaces will become physically smaller and technology will be ingrained into each and every little element. As such the table will not only be used to dine, but will also serve as the hob, the preparation table, and not only this; it will also act as a table for work and play.

The table recognizes the grocery items kept on it, through a camera located above, and suggests recipes involving these ingredients. The idea is to waste less, and engage with the food in order to be more mindful and live sustainably. Magnetic coils below the surface enable the table to be used as an induction top for different dishes to be prepared simultaneously. It also records recipes and previous work sessions.

Courtesy of IKEA & IDEO

Courtesy of IKEA & IDEO

The aspect that makes this table efficient is its quality of unobtrusiveness; different features have been integrated without any visual heaviness, enabling it to be used in a flexible manner.


By: Sahiba Gulati

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