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Conceptual problem

the increase in waste products in Egyptian towns and cities, with no way of using it in recycling , also including lack of awareness , in villages the agriculture and rice straw burning wastes are causing the black clouds over Egyptian skies.
Vision and solution introducing a project prototype in every major city in Egypt which works in the city and its surrounding villages, it solves the problem on two levels , where it contains industry, education, crafts and scientific research all of these items are working in one circle to achieve sustainable life at the economic , social and environmental level.
Project elements work on the project and rehabilitation of the individual and awareness raising also acquisition of new skills inspired by the surrounding environment and recycling available materials through the scientific and crafts department , and research and development work through scientific research department.

Selected site model
The site is located in Abees-Alexandria, which is an agricultural area, chosen for various reasons.

  • It’s a supplement village located on the ring road which is the main road that connects east and west Alexandria together  providing easy access
  • No difficulty transferring waste products from the main waste collection company (Onex)
  • The site is surrounded by agricultural land which makes transferring rice straw easier.
  • Also educational facilities surround the site which provides constant and easy information

 Design concept

  • Integrating project site with its perimeter, studying pedestrian movement in Abees main road with automobile movement on the ring road accordingly separating students’ entrance from researchers’ main entrance.
  • Creating a main space between the two main blocks in the project to allow good ventilation and maintaining wind speed.
  • Both blocks are designed on two axis, the northern axis to get indirect sunlight for educational zones ex: Classes, while the 2nd axis is designed according to the wind rose and prevailing wind to get the best ventilation possible
  • Building heights are designed so that the plazas are self-shaded.
  • Elevations design is based on 2 elements, 1st putting vertical girders to control the amount of light , and transparent glass in exhibition zones for direct contact between inner and outer zones. The 2nd element is using second skin to decrease thermal emission on both blocks and the distance between the skin and the actual building helps with good ventilation and indirect lighting.
  • In addition to inner orientation through inner courts design to get the best natural lighting for all project elements by linking those courts and increasing ventilation  movement, by transferring wind from one court to the other.
  • Using the surrounding site, by utilizing rice straw in building some parts in the project  with 40 cm thick which reduces thermal emission, prevents sound transmission and less weight on the building.
  • Achieving social component by designing 3 main and multi-functional plazas in addition to the terrace in the main building and the artesian theatre to help with the exchange of experiences and successfully working on the project

 Project Credits

Project  name : Sustinable life (eco recycling center )

Name: Mohamed Mohy el deen abd el hamed

School : Faculty of fine arts architecture department – Alexandria university

Adviser: Prof.Dr.Hatem elTawel

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© Mohamed Mohy El Deen
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