Slice by Nesim Sehat: An Urban Life Solution for the Modern Era

In a world of rapid urbanization, freelancing, and work on the go, the need of the hour is services that can be created and shared on demand. One of such needed services could be living and working space solutions. SLICE is an urban living solution developed by the Iran-born, Shanghai-based Nasim Sehat, that approaches this issue in a mobile and sustainable way.
People in today’s world tend to own less property as well as fewer automobiles, gadgets, and belongings, and alternatively opt for sharing. This allows them to lead a nomadic life, always on the go. Accordingly, SLICE is designed to be a sustainable and people-centric living solution. It takes into consideration the needs of the people in the modern digital era, by introducing modules that are self-contained, connected, and designed with flexible plug-and-play features.
The basic unit of SLICE comprises a sleeping module and a toilet module. However, based on the needs of the customer, other modules can be added. Workstations, shower, and kitchen are some of the additional modules that the customer can choose from. Also, a Gap module can be added to create space between two other modules.
The Units can be booked and accessed using a digital service. This very service, helps users report defects or issues in the models. Consequently, defective pieces can then be replaced.
The first-time users of SLICE need to pay a deposit in order to enjoy the service. Thereafter, the payment is calculated based on usage time, the configuration of modules, and usage of utilities. Customers can enter the module by scanning the QR code provided to them by the service. Each SLICE will have access to the internet, water, electricity, and sewage.
SLICE Customers can use modules as they pass by, or they can book units at pre-approved locations. In case, they require units at remote locations or suburbs to enjoy nature, they can be provided with the modules via automated drones or vans.
Lately, there has been a wave of new applications for shared mobility and co-working services. Sehat’s SLICE provides a new service along the lines this evolving trend.

All Images Courtesy Of Nesim Sehat
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