The Seroussi Pavilion by Biothing is structure described as grown from self-modifying patterns of vectors based on Electromagnetic Fields. The initial computations were done in plan then lifted via microarching sections through frequencies of the sine function.

Arch2o-Seroussi Pavilion -Biothing (10)

Courtesy of Biothing

To allow for local adaption to site conditions, additional features were added to the generating script.
As is evident, the plan for the Seroussi pavilion is out of the blue, different from our notion of an architectural plan. The team describe it as closer to musical notation perhaps from its dynamic nature, parametric relationship between parts and the deep ecology of algorithmic relationships.

Arch2o-Seroussi Pavilion -Biothing (12)

Courtesy of Biothing

Within each cell of the structure, lighting/shading and programming of views is achieved according to the Biothing team by “sine-wave functions driving parametric differentiation of angle, orientation and the size of the aperture, relationship of metal and glass components within each cell.

The internal cocoon-like spatial fabric is as a result of double-charged trajectories of the EM fields. Different degrees of cohabitation between humans and art are possible in the swirling fibres of the cocoons. Rearranging the exhibition spaces is seen as a series of probabilistic events.

Arch2o-Seroussi Pavilion -Biothing (8)

Courtesy of Biothing

• Alisa Andrasek _ principal designer
• FlowerPower custom written plug-in: Kyle Steinfeld with Alisa Andrasek
• Design team: Ezio Blasetti / Che Wei Wang / Fabian Evers / Lakhena Raingsan / Jin Pyo Eun / Mark Bearak
• Special thanks to Michael Reed (computational geometry)
• Location: Paris
• Year: 2007

By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of Biothing

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