RELAXX sport and leisure center

Einsteinova Road is probably the most frequented artery in Bratislava, situated misfortunately, like a big cut through Petržalka town quarter. But some architects show us it is possible to refine such a busy environment. The new RELAXX Sport Center enters the rush locality, harmonizes and directs the noise and chaos. This house is like a sculpture symbolizing the beauty of restlessness and the poetics of velocity.

Courtesy of AK2

Long awaited final look of the building that stands in the row of previous experiments in designing commercial architecture of high standard design on the narrow and complicated plots between the highway ring of the city and the old train railway is visible to the panoramic views on the right bank of the Danube river. The tension to produce a piece of contemporary architecture was strong also due to the fact the adjacent Atrium building was a building of the year in local architectural competitions. The reply to this challenge is successful in providing a smart and light weighted version of the sport and wellness center that seemingly contrasts the gravity rules.

Courtesy of AK2

Standing on naked concrete legs and being still in a frozen movement of its elevated horizontal body the objects plays a role of a new attractor to the site. It offers two-way views – both to its unusual form wrapped in metallic skin and from its inner wellness zones and swimming pools situated on elevated levels outside towards the historical panorama of the city on the other bank of the river. The difficult situation ended up in brave architectural gesture.

Courtesy of AK2

Project Info
Architects: AK2
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Designers: Andrea Klimková, Peter Kručay
Site Area: 5418.0 m2
Area: 9271.0 sqm
Year: 2008
Type: Sports Center
Photographs: Andrea Klimková

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