Play to your strengths. It’s a strategy that never fails but can often prove fatal if ignored. When I was a first year student, our final project for the first semester was do make a wooden infants toy. When asked about colour, our professor responded that it was certainly within our rights to use non-toxic colouring- but he had only seen 3-4 examples of this in all his years of teaching. Wood is nice- use the grain to your advantage. The same holds true here- wineries are rarely located on ugly, contemptuous grounds- so use the beautiful landscape, don’t compete with it.


Courtesy of Guedes + DeCampos

The Quinta Do Vallado Winery designed by Guedes + DeCampos, is set amongst an unique and picturesque landscape in Vilarinho dos Freires, Peso da Régua, Portugal. The buildings executed as part of the expansion project and subdued and clean. They offer a clearly man-made, yet unobtrusive counterpoint to the natural surroundings and a congruous integration with the existing structures, providing new facilities for production and leisure. And their austere forms, so simple and precisely executed, perform one final duty: seduction. My, how they are seductive.

Courtesy of Guedes + DeCampos

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