Set to be completed in June 2014,the Assemblée Radieuse will be the venue of the African Union conference as Gabon hosts it that year.This sustainable design conscious proposal is set in the Green Gabon vision of its current President, Ali Bongo.

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The building will be situated amidst the hillsides of the capital city, iconic, it will reflect Gabon’s emerging leadership in the political and environmental arenas of Africa whiles showcasing the country’s resources.

Work Architecture in designing this winning proposal sought to critically design a sustainable project from the ground up encompassing ecology, sustainable technology and economy.

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Courtesy of WorkArc

The building according to work Arc will harness both active and passive components of sustainable design. The building’s structure is a continuity of an existing old structure, preserving the links with history. The sloped roof oriented towards the city is seen from al around, symbolically it signifies the cycle of life projecting Gabon’s ecological vision to the world.

Courtyards in Africa are ubiquitous. Most traditional houses are built with courtyards. The use of courtyards in this winning proposal goes further to affirm the socio-ecological components of their sustainable design approach.

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Courtesy of WorkArc

The courtyards serve as an important feature in the design. They serve as the heart of the programme around which all other spaces revolve. Each of the three courtyards represents Gabon’s richness in natural ecosystems. They provide natural ventilation and together with the sloped roof occasion a waterfall from collected rainwater which goes on further to be treated for reuse. Louvres made of African limestone provide shade and increased energy performance. Solar panels will provide for the needed energy of the building’s hot water system.

arch2o- L’ Assemblée Radieuse, Gabon-WorkArc(34)

Courtesy of WorkArc

The main seating area with a 1000 capacity is designed to be divisible into two separate spaces whiles maintaining state of the art acoustics. Interior circulation is as above organized around the courtyards forming a semi-enclosed shaded philosopher’s path. This path enables meeting and discussions around the main events with astounding views on the Libreville cityscape.

All in all, the Assemblée Radieuse is an ambitious project with projects Gabon’s visions of the future.

 Architects: WORKac, in collaboration with Epstein

Competition Organizer: Gabonese Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (National Agency of Major Works)
Location: Libreville, Gabon
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, Sustainable Design and Theatre Consulting: Arup
Structural Engineering: Robert Silman Associates
Façade consulting: FRONT
Lighting: Tillotson Design Associates
Fountain Design: CMS

 By Hassan Mohammed Yakubu

Courtesy of WorkArc

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