Designed by Austrian architects WG3, Hypercubus is a small modular mobile hotel room that provides enough space for two people to stay inside comfortably, and could be delivered to all kinds of outdoor locations. More details from the architect come after the jump.

Arch2O Hypercubus WG3-07

Courtesy of WG3 – Photography by Karin Lernbeiß.

‘The Hypercubus concept is based on three fundamental concepts:
– the use of open areas with available infrastructure (alternatively also self-sufficient)
– the construction of small modular living units that are transportable
– the creation of a new concept in tourism (the prepaid apartment) with a uniform corporate design.

The project develops an idea for tourism in the respective region. The ‘minimal housing’ apartments use existing resources, are transportable thanks to their mobile construction and are used where they are needed depending on the season. In this way, the very same object can be used at various locations during the year, according to wherever there is demand at the time. This means that location-dependent deficits in utilisation can be compensated out of season. For larger events, the living units can be brought together from across the region. The apartments create their own corporate design and thus form an identity for each (new) location.

Arch2O Hypercubus WG3-14

Courtesy of WG3 – Photography by Karin Lernbeiß.

Named after the mathematical hypercube shape, the Hypercubus is a mobile hotel room.
Essentially, the project reinterprets the “hotel” concept. The Hypercubus is designed in such a way that it can be totally independent technically; installation can be temporary and several Hypercubus units can be grouped into clusters. Transport is straightforward, meaning that Hypercubuses can be used on a seasonal basis and according to demand, moving around according to where they are most needed.’

Courtesy of WG3 – Photography by Karin Lernbeiß.

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