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They say we are what we eat? So who are we, who, in the guise of exceptional culinary experience, have been fed atrocities? This thesis explores a journey of eating, architecture, and the impact our surroundings have had on the Hotel Management and Restaurant Industry of Lahore, Pakistan.

After examining the standard of existing Culinary and Hotel Management Institutions in the city, it was concluded that there are no proper training facilities for the people in this business – there is a clear discrepancy between the courses being offered, and the facilities needed to impart that education. So, this project would not only embark on the design of a Culinary and Hotel Management Institution, but also an adjoining Restaurant enterprise that would offer a hands on experience to the students, and be a financial backing unit for the institution itself.

Courtesy of Zunaira Ghazal Sultan

The site was selected in a downtown area –Jail Road, Lahore – so that it might be easily accessible to the general public, as well as the students. The surrounding context comprises of midrise buildings – 11-12 story each – and to set the school apart from the rest of the context, the building would have to stand out in both, height, and shape. Aside from that, due to massive urbanization, the land available in a downtown area is pretty low on the coverage, and so, the building automatically had to go tall, to fill all the space requirements.

In addition to that, the major outlook had to be interesting enough to generate public curiosity, so to achieve that, the elevation had to be interesting – for this purpose, the building was designed in the Jenga Style, which allows for an inquisitive, and peculiar formation of the façade and form.

Courtesy of Zunaira Ghazal Sultan

The school offers 4 restaurants – Desi, Continental, Oriental, and Pan Asian – to offer a hands on experience for the students who would be studying the Culinary Arts. Each restaurant is a thematic experience for its counter cuisine part – with an added bonus of a rooftop restaurant that is based on the theme of ‘dining’ on the edge – for on the periphery runs a glass floor, on which, the tables are set.

The programs being offered are divided into 4 departments – School of Culinary Arts, School of Travel and Air Management, School of Hospitality and Management, and the School of Training and Development.

Courtesy of Zunaira Ghazal Sultan

Project Credits
Name: Zunaira Ghazal Sultan
Institution: Punjab University, College of Art and Design, Lahore, Pakistan
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