Ever wished you could have some sort of a yellow pages book that particularly included information about architects spread across the world?

Well, Architects Marcio Novaes Coelho Jr and Silvio Sguizzardi did that for you as they developed a global architecture guide, and they dubbed it “ARCHIPORN”. The two founders of Sao Paulo-based Sguizzardi.Coelho Arquitetura created ARCHIPORN in 2008 to pinpoint, collect, and offer information about both blossoming and top-skilled people in architecture field from different countries.

The architecture guide, which is available online, displays colored tiny squares on the world map showing the potential search hits. The works are arranged in a chronological order from the industrial era, a couple of centuries ago, to the modern day. An additional feature of the map is identifying facilities concerned with architecture like the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam and the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal. Bookstores like William Stout Architectural Books (San Francisco, USA) and Livraria Vilanova Artigas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) are also highlighted.

The historical periods in the guide are arranged as follows:

2010- onwards: Recent works

1990-2009:         Digital Revolution

1970-1989:         Postmodernism

1946-1969:         Internationalism and regionalism

1919-1945:         Modern Architecture

1890-1918:         Turn of the Century

1850-1889:         Second Industrial Revolution

1750-1849:         First Industrial Revolution

before-1750:      Before the Machine Age

“We are looking for the work of architects we admire and cities or buildings that attract our attention for a number of reasons. In addition, we have tried to cover all parts of the globe, which makes it a richer and much more fun adventure,” explains the creators of ARCHIPORN. “From the beginning, our main interest has been modern and contemporary architecture, covering the movements of the avant-garde of the twentieth century to the present.”

Check out ARCHIPORN map here to try out the various features of the guide.

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